HR Compliance Review

How confident are you in your knowledge of current state and federal Employment Laws? Could you pass an audit today if the Dept. of Labor visited your office? Are you exposing yourself to possible legal action or issues with unemployment and workers’ compensation due to lack of documentation and standard procedures?

As with any part of your business, auditing and compliance reviews are very important. Here at CAS we understand this and we know that your time is better spent in running your business and bringing in the money to keep it growing. Let our team of experts’ partner with you to take this responsibility off of your plate.

The professionals at Custom Accounting Services (CAS) have many years of experience to provide a thorough Human Resource (HR) Compliance Review for your business. The compliance review will go over:

Once our staff completes the audit a full, comprehensive report will be provided as part of the review. Suggestions and corrective actions will be offered, if necessary, to address any issues that may have been discovered. The report will also ensure you are in compliance with federal and state policies and be able to pass any potential audit.

Contact our Human Resource (HR) Service staff at 315-258-8780 to schedule your Compliance Review today.