HR : Building the Right Team

Casey Stengel said, “Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play as a team is another story.”  So building the right team does not mean necessarily the most talented, but how those talents work together and fit within your company.  There are many key factors to building a successful team but the most critical is to clearly define what skills and personalities you will need.

Hiring people with the right skills and experience are vital in the recruiting process.  Does the person have the necessary knowledge to perform the tasks you need them to do?  This is generally the focus of all hiring managers because quite frankly, employees need to be able to do the job.  Clearly defined job descriptions will be invaluable to define the skill set needed.

The often overlooked part of the recruiting process is the personality needed for a
position and, of more importance, the company.  Employees define the company just as much as the service or product you provide.  So hiring individuals who reflect the
company philosophy is just as important as skill level.  Employees should also believe in the company as wellbecause they are likely to be more productive than those not
vested in the business.

Human Resources has to focus on the aptitude and attitude when hiring to build the right team.  Companies get focused more on “can the person do the work” as opposed to will the person do the work.  This tends to be the reason for employee turnover and lack of
productivity.  The three things to focus on are can they do the job, will they do the job and will they fit within the company.