Employee Performance Reviews

Employee Performance Reviews can be one of the most painful part of managing employees.  Some managers may enjoy going to the dentist more than performing this part of their job.  But, why is this process so painful?  It is an extremely vital part of the company/employee relationship and when done correctly, it can make a company stronger.

First off, we have to make sure we have set the expectations of the employee that will be the basis of the review.  Secondly, we have to ensure we have explained the standards and guidelines we have put forth.  This should be done as part of the orientation process or whenever an employee switches positions.

Now that we know that is done, we need to outline how we want the review to work.  Most managers look at it as a counseling session and this is why it might be a dreaded task.  Performance reviews should be about the overall employee relationship.  View this as a discussion and not an integration.  Many companies will use forms and checklists so it becomes very formal and cold.  Be open and honest with the employee, as well as, ask for feedback about the company.  Also, ask the employee to give feedback about their own work.  What do they feel is rewarding?  Areas they may want more training?  Most important of all is close the meeting with a plan.  Review the review to make sure both employee and manager are on the same page.

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