Google vs. The Professionals

Don’t get me wrong I use google every day. The web has become a primary source of information. It provides us with research and access to more information than we ever thought we “needed”. I do see some danger though as people have become accustom to just flipping out their phone and fact checking everything as if it can replace trusted advice.

As a professional in the consulting business I am starting to see the trust in the internet grow. There are articles and blogs about taxes, business strategy, HR problems, valuation and business plans some of which are factual and well-written and with sound judgement and others not so much. 

My worry and purpose for this article is because people are now using Google to justify their decision making and actions. Instead of seeking sound individualized advice based on their situation they are finding the answer that they like best, meets their needs and going with it. Using it is as their defense for action. Yes, scary I know…

The danger as I see it is people are relying on advice that does not apply. Every state has different laws and regulations, the tax code overlaps and does not apply to every return the same way. The events of a similar situation can have drastically different outcomes based on where you are located.

The moral of my story is this, when something as important as your business is the subject of your google search back it up by confirming with a professional that has the knowledge and experience to adequately assess the facts and provide you with sound advice. Google is great, but can you really believe everything you read?