Start-ups & Young Businesses

Starting a new business will be the most exciting, scariest time of your life.  The decisions are endless, the rules are daunting and no detail can be overlooked. By choosing Custom Accounting Services (CAS), you don’t have to learn things “the hard way.” Our seasoned professionals will help you become a model of small business success by giving you proper advice from the beginning.

From the initial concept --> to your business plan --> to the first complete tax return

With CAS at your side, you can expect to benefit from:

  • First-rate accountants with current knowledge in all areas of taxation, costing, human resources and financial systems
  • Straightforward explanations of sometimes confusing, and seemingly illogical business regulations
  • Reliable, accurate information gleaned from our experience working with a diverse collection of industries
  • Advice on entity structure and accounting system setup from a staff that will never leave you hanging
  • Access to our substantial network of colleagues to multiply your resources and help you start your business the best way possible

Overall, we provide clear, honest, up-front information that gives clients the confidence they need to move forward.

Forming A Business Plan

If you are planning to take out a loan, your banker or attorney may have recommended that you draw up a Business Plan. A Business Plan is a documented overview of the scope of your project, the finer details, and the financial elements you will need to present your new venture.

The professionals at CAS can get you started in the right direction. We have numerous resources available to ensure you fulfill all document requirements, and know exactly what to include. We can help you with specific things along the way, or we can help prepare and present your plan from beginning to end.

Many clients look to us for assistance with the Pro Forma Statements, others request a review and summary assessment of a document they’ve already prepared. The choice is yours. Our consulting services will be there for you however you need them.

The initial consultation is free to discuss the options to make your dream a reality.

Growing Businesses

Is my business headed in the right direction?

If the answer for you is ‘No,’ or if you feel unsure, we are able to help. We are experienced professionals who will listen and learn everything there is to know about your business. From there, we can give you the pros, cons and outside perspective that will allow you to take things to the next level.

Whether it’s help with bankers, lawyers or anything else we will stay with you through every step until you decide your business is ready to walk on its own.  On top of which, our customized service packages make it easy to get what you need whenever you need it.